Oak Bay Tea Party Parade – Saturday, June 3, 2023

The Tea Party Parade is an Oak Bay tradition. Beginning on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at Windsor Park, the parade winds through the streets of Oak Bay, ending at Willows Park about 45 minutes later (see parade map).


  1. Law Enforcement Torch Run For Special Olympics
  2. Oak Bay Police Chief
  3. Oak Bay Fire Department
  4. Victoria Fire Department
  5. Parade Marshall
  6. Oak Bay High Marching Band
  7. Oak Bay High School
  8. Mayor Kevin Murdoch
  9. Oak Bay Tea Party Society
  10. MLA Murray Rankin
  11. Northwestern Francophone Games
  12. St. Patrick’s Elementary School
  13. Gonzales Preschool
  14. Carlton House of Oak Bay
  15. St. Christopher’s Montessori School
  16. Gordon Head Middle School Marching Band
  17. Beacon Hill Baseball and Softball
  18. Oak Bay Co-op Preschool
  19. Chatham District Girl Guides
  20. 5th Gary Oak Scouts
  21. Glenlyon Norfolk School
  22. Oak Bay Community Association
  23. Spectrum Marching Band
  24. Urban Grocer
  25. Ecole Willows School
  26. BC Green Party – Oak Bay Gordon Head
  27. Men In Kilts
  28. All Is On Electric
  29. Oak Bay Beach Hotel
  30. Parkwood Court Revera
  31. Reynolds Marching Band
  32. Oak Bay Volunteer Services
  33. Island Elite Cheerleading
  34. Pemberton Holmes Oak Bay
  35. Clover Point Picnic Club
  36. Royal Victoria Yacht Club
  37. The Old Farm Market
  38. Ocean River Sports
  39. Oak Bay Marine Group
  40. Oak Bay Sea Rescue
  41. Freedom Boat Club
  42. Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society
  43. Silver Arrow Cars
  44. Oak Bay Parks Department

The Oak Bay Tea Party, in keeping with our “green” initiative, is working toward going balloon-free, and we ask all parade participants to do the same. 2022 was a great success and thank you to all the parade entries for their creative decorating. Get creative again this year!!

Parade Entry Information

Application Forms and information sheets available April 1, 2023 at the Oak Bay Municipal Hall, 2167 Oak Bay Avenue. All entries must be submitted by no later than May 30, 2023. Downloads are available here for Entry Form, Parade Rules, and Parade Route.

There is a $100.00 entry fee for Commercial entries, Community entries no fee. Please enclose a cheque made out to: Oak Bay Tea Party Society and mail it along with your completed and signed entry form to the address indicated at the bottom of the entry form. Thank you.

Questions About The Parade?

Please get in touch with John Flatman by email at oakbayteapartyparade@gmail.com or by phone at 250-508-2722.

Law Enforcement Torch Run

We are pleased to have the Law Enforcement TORCH RUN for Special Olympics starting the 61st Tea Party Parade. The run leaves Windsor Park at 10:15 a.m. and follows the parade route. Registration starts at 9:45 A.M. at Windsor Park. After the run, there will be a pancake breakfast by donation at Windsor Park. For information on how to participate, please click here. Come out and participate in a great cause and then we will see you at the Tea Party!


Do not stop at Willows Beach. Oak Bay Police have directed that parade entrants are not allowed to stop along Beach Avenue. Vehicles must return to Windsor Park to disembark passengers. Groups with small children walking may disperse along one of the side streets past Willows Beach as directed by police. Do not stop on Beach Avenue.

Safety First. All entry equipment must be in good working order and participants must conduct themselves in a safe manner.

Clean Up Your Mess. Parade entries that include animals must clean up immediately after waste production occurs. Other rubbish should collected and taken with you.

Do Not Delay the Parade Flow. Maintain your speed and distance between your group and the entry in front of you. If you stop to perform for the crowd, you must be brief and catch up with the entry in front of you before stopping again. Large gaps in the parade are detrimental to the enjoyment of viewing the parade. Entries causing large gaps in the parade will not be invited back.

Vehicles and Entries Must be Decorated. People remember and speak positively about those entries that are well decorated. This is about giving something special to the community.

Do Not Throw Candy. If you have candy for the children lining the streets, you must have someone in your group take the candy to the side of the road to distribute. Participants must follow directions – provided by police, Tea Party Volunteers and Parade Marshals along the parade route.


Any group not at the Opening Ceremonies to receive their awards, please contact the Parade Marshall, John Flatman at 250-508-2722.

For ease of Parade Marshalling, please see:

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