Each year the Mayor of Oak Bay puts out the challenge to compete in the Mayor’s Floating Teacup Race. The winner takes home the much coveted Mayor’s Floating Teacup Race trophy.

These very large teacups and saucers are made of fiberglass and powered by mis-matched oars. This is a race of skill and daring.  Pull too hard on the oars and you may take a dip in the water!  But have no fear as the Oak Bay Sea Rescue Society rescue boat is close by.

Past challengers have included:

  1. Former Victoria, Mayor Alan Lowe;
  2. Former Saanich, Mayor Frank Leonard;
  3. Former Esquimalt, Mayor Darwin Robinson;
  4. Publican, Matt McNeill;
  5. Olympic rower, Silken Laumann;
  6. Former MLA, Ida Chong;
  7. David Hahn, former President of B.C. Ferries;
  8. The Q’s, Ed Bain;
  9. NHL hockey star, Geoff Courtnall;
  10. Actor and author, Meg Tilly;
  11. Former Oak Bay Mayor, Christopher Causton;
  12. MP, Murray Rankin;
  13. Former Police Chief Frank Elsner of Victoria, former Police Chief Bob Downie of Saanich and former Deputy Police Chief Kent Thom of Oak Bay;
  14. 2010 Firefighter Calendar “Mr. May”, Duane Adsett;
  15. Band Directors: Jeff Weaver from Oak Bay High, Jamie Davis from Spectrum Community School, and Dave Flello from Reynolds Secondary School;
  16. Acting Mayor of Oak Bay, Hazel Braithwaite and Tea Party Chair, Sandy Germain challenging former Mayor of Oak Bay, Chris Causton and former Tea Party Chair, Bill Murphy-Dyson;
  17. Deputy Chief Constable, Ray Bernoties and Deputy Fire Chief, Darren Hughes.

This year’s challengers are: TBD

 The 2024 race will take place Sunday, June 2nd at 3:00 p.m. at Willows Beach.  See you there!

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